Thanks to unique technology, combined with excellent customer services, the AOI control systems of Yestech Nordson offer the best value.
FX Series AOI ensures fast control of PCB packages, soldering agents and verification of assembly of parts, which allows for improvement of quality and capacity of production [...]
X-RAY System 2D and 3D
X3 Automatic RTG inspection systems (AXI) offer full control of soldering agents and errors during BGA soldering [...]
MSD – Controlled humidity cabinets
Designated to protect sensitive devices/components against oxidation and humidity. Totech Super Dry cabinets ensure maintenance of relative humidity levels equal to or less than 1% RH [...]


Removal of defects and high print quality is the priority of production.
Thanks to the solutions applied, ESE printer eliminates many of the popular printout errors; at present, its parameters warrant high quality of print and high speed. As an experienced manufacturer of screen printers, ESE warrants a low cost of maintenance and many years of defect-free operation. ESE US-7000X is adapted to PCB of the length of 650mm and it is recommended for LED solutions. [...]