We warrant a high quality of service

We offer warranty and post-warranty service for the installations, periodic inspections, maintenance, major and day-to-day repairs.
On demand, we provide an extended scope of services in form of servicing packages and contracts. We sell replacement parts, calibration tools and consumables. We conduct modernization and major overhauls of machines from the secondary market.

To order servicing

Phone: +48 58 72 82 402
FAX: +48 58 72 82 404
E-mail: serwis@assempol.com

Scope of services

Servicing – standard scope

Maintenance and day-to-day repairs, modifications, assessment of technical condition of machines and devices, telephone support – hotline/online, installations, relocation and calibration services, measurements.


We offer trainings in the fields of operation, maintenance and programming of machines, as well as quality and process issues. We offer various modes of support for production and technological processes.

Servicing contracts

Servicing contracts allow for extending of the warranty or for takeover of repair costs upon expiry of the standard warranty. The contracts may include the service response time, logistics of spare parts, taking over of responsibility for overall servicing tasks.